PRO.FILE - PDM- und DMS Solution

PRO.FILE - PDM- und DMS Solution

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The PDM and DMS solution PRO.FILE serves as a ”product data backbone“ that helps you manage and integrate product data across the enterprise and throughout the product life cycle. The secure and central storage of all product and development data creates transparent processes and workflows within the enterprise.

PRO.FILE can be integrated with all major CAD and ERP systems and provides the basis for the implementation of PLM processes.

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  • Product Data Management
  • Document Management
  • Features for the automatic creation and maintenance of bills of materials and where-used lists
  • Change management features
  • Approval process control
  • Workflow Management
  • Change management features
  • Version and revision management
  • CAD- und ERP-Integration
  • Integration with MS Office and Outlook
  • PRO.FILE Pocket for mobile PDM-Documents
  • PRO.FILE Security

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