Processing ideas digitally from the very start

Processing ideas digitally from the very start

Design / Conception

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With the high-performance design instruments of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, concepts can be processed digitally in full, from the very first sketch to the 3D model, enabling them to be used for visualisation in test and consulting operations. Design models which have been created using the Autodesk Alias product family for industrial design can be exchanged in a shared file format with the engineering team, so that the product design can be integrated into the virtual prototypes easily and in their original form. Design and conception cover:
  • the digital creation of sketches and 3D design models
  • the exchange of industrial design data with the engineering team in a shared format
  • the realistic visualisation of different variants for presentation and the decision-making process

CIDEON services
We offer
  • installation / adaptation of software products
  • training of users

Autodesk software solutions

High-performance design tools support industrial designers in the creation of 2D sketches and 3D concept models in an intuitive, fully digital environment with Autodesk® Alias products.


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The latest costumer magazine

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