Put your engineering to the test

Put your engineering to the test

Simulation & calculation

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Autodesk Inventor contains simulation tools which are integrated directly in the CAD system. With the aid of the calculation functions and the tension, load and movement simulations, design engineers can test and optimise the digitale prototype even before it is approved for production. As the simulation is effected on the basis of realistic conditions the results are absolutely reliable. Dynamic simulation makes it possible to analyse problematic movement sequences in a range of variants so that the best possible decision can be made and expensive errors are avoided. Simulation and calculation mean
  • the simulation of the product under realistic conditions
  • the digital checking, varying and optimisation of the design
  • the early identification and avoidance of problems

CIDEON services

We offer
  • simulation/ calculation as a service
  • installation / adaptation of software products
  • individual user training

Autodesk software solutions

Movement simulations, load and tension analyses provide support at an early stage in the optimisation of designs. Accompanying analysis and calculation ensure that the product meets all customer requirements.

  • Autodesk® Inventor® Simulation Suite
  • Autodesk® Algor® Simulation


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The latest costumer magazine

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